Wednesday, December 30, 2015

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Monday, December 21, 2015

Silly Poem

I cradled you in tiny dreams,
and you, you followed me through dark
and ominous places; to what
I do not know. … So now I ask:

Did you?


With apologies to the … focus of this poem. (Also something to satisfy the bots who pass by this flog [fail plus blog] on a semi-daily basis.)

RNT 5 (Again, It's Nine)

1. demolition
2. also
3. liberation
4. crunch
5. behavior
6. clock
7. bloat
8. extortion
9. distancing


Trying something new here: theme, then poem. I intend to follow the logical (really, "logical") procession of the words in the list above; again, it'll be tercets.


I govern down to demolition,
to the silent debris, [...] also
liberation [Freeing oneself from bodily bounds?]

clock [Quotidian life, man.]


distancing [Postmortem world is ambiguous?]

Thursday, December 17, 2015


1. panoramic
2. unruly
3. surprise
4. adaptable
5. permissible
6. calm
7. difficult
8. smash
9. crime


The force of it: panoramic.
Beyond the object, then, unruly
figures point at something: a surprise

expands, while, still and adaptable,
it waits. Eyes find permissible
lines of sight, and blank horizons calm

like the palm of a hand. Difficult
to focus: once-dormant thresholds smash
the contour of their bodily crime.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

After 234 Page Views

Oh boy,
can't express
the excitement
that builds when
each view


Super douchey "poem" aside, thanks. I will have to venture to actually write real poems in the future.

3:31 A.M. Freewrite

Break a fog
on your knee, and hear
the nonexistent sound
of gas on pain;

I don't know, but
I don't think I've been told
how to imagine anything else.

Another hour, perhaps three,
it'll be morning
and I'll be awake.


Definitely means nothing. But you can still judge it harshly—in fact, please do!